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New Hair Extension Technique as answer to: "What is the best hair extension technique".

Rodolfo Valentin

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What is the best hair extension technique is your question?, or what about new hair extension techniques?… New types of new hair extension techniques are proliferating in the industry, but the question – what is the best hair extension technique- is another matter. aaa

After years of thousands of users, our unique and trademarked Hair Infusion Extensions, are the only one proven to be safe to the native hair and the only of all hair extension techniques that allows to the innate hair to breath and grow with the hair infusion extension. The lightweight of the hair infusion extensions and the flat complexion of the hair infusion extensions adds extra safety to preserve the natural hair intact opposed to the other hair extensions available on the market that as reported are causing what the medical world is calling -induced hair loss by traction-.

As celebrity dermatologist Dr. Doris Day is stating in her book “Forget the facelift”: Rodolfo Valentin developed his unique, gentle techniques to increase hair volume with minimal tension on the existing hair. The hair Infusion needs minimal maintenance…

If hair damage or hair loss is your concern rest assured that the “hair infusion extensions” are the safest hair extensions available in the market.

"Forget the facelift" book by Dr. Doris Day: "Rodolfo Valentin unique technique that increase hair volume with minimal tension on the existing hair"…aa


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