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Best Hair Extension Salons Award Winners
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Best Hair Extension Salons Award Winners

As the very first best extensions hair salons, Rodolfo Valentin has deep experience in all kind of hair addition types available on the market today, but if you ask him, he will only recommend you for the safety of your own hair, the only hair extensions that everybody wants to have.

The hair infusion extensions and they are named the world's best hair extensions. This heavily requested hair additions system is exclusive trademark of Rodolfo Valentin, and at the present time nobody has been licensed to use it, only available at his hair extensions hair salons in US.

The New York Salon Spa of Rodolfo Valentin in Manhattan encircled by Chanel, Dior, Hermes, has been selected by the ultimate beauty editors as the salons of excellence that are at this time appreciating their thirty years of distinction in the beauty business by attaining the accolades of being the beneficiaries of the "Top Salon NYC" prize for their extraordinary hair services, patrons assurance counting with the stylish setting.

In reality, Rodolfo Valentin and his amazing expert staff are specialists in the ability of uplifting and resurfacing hurt hair to healthy qualities or shocking hair color renovations for which got them many more tributes and recognitions like the "Best Hair Extension Salons" prize, "Top Hair Colorists "award, "Five Gold Stars for Customer Service" winners, "Best Hair Color Techniques" plaque, furthermore the "Grand Design Award", as designer of the first hair prosthesis for cancer patients.

The rule of Hair Infusion Extensions has created an astonishing cosmetic uprising that will powerfully make deeper the look of dimension, width and fullness of the natural hair as the premium system to establish the beauty of the receiver's natural hair.


Thirty years ago hair additions were almost nonexistent and Rodolfo Valentin lead the way by opening the world's best extensions hair salons in Long Island and later  the world's best hair extensions salons, in New York City. Being the first in the NYC, NJ, and CT area, using this kind of hair additions created with his own hands at his hair extensions hair salons that he named Fusion hair as it is showing in several magazines back then.

Hair Infusion extensions are his patented and trademarked unique technique that is the result of an exhausted research.  It is the top of the line of the Hair additions world, for people who care for the health of their own hair. Rodolfo Valentin only uses the finest hair from Europe and Russia, always virgin hair and the addition is specially formulated to not fall apart reason why it can be reused for a long time. Most people have their hair adjusted every 6 weeks to keep a fresh look others for longer period according in how fast their own hair grows. This is the top hair extension system reusable and almost undetectable, the favorite of New York City socialites and royalty only available at their best hair extensions hair salons

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Top Salon NYC Award
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Hair Coloring Techniques Award Winners

Rodolfo Valentin originally started in his Long island extensions hair salons in 1984, later expanding to our NYC hair salon with Fusion Hair. We have been incorporating and working with different types of human hair extensions since 1984. We were the first in the New York City, New York and Long Island with experience in all the hair extensions available in the market. Rodolfo Valentin has been all over the world, investigating and helping to manufacturers (back then only restricted in Asia) to design and create new hair extensions systems. Rodolfo Valentin uses special hair from his unique suppliers to offer multiple types of hair infusion with hair from Europe and Russian hair extensions.

Achieve, longer Hair Length, with our unique, hair extensions,now everybody can, with no trouble, add length, volume, and color having affordable hair extensions added to their own hair.

Light weight 100%  human hair extensions  are attached fast, using only 45 minutes without heat, avoiding damage to your own hair, as is the case with other hair extension methods. These practically undetectable  extentions can be taken out in 20 minutes.
Hair extensions, by Rodolfo Valentin, can convert, thin and fine hair into full and thicker hairstyle.  Also short hair, can be kept to its short style  by adding just volume.

We use only, real hair, European hair, Virgin hair, remi human hair, ethnic hair, and all of them are, 100 % human  hair. Rodolfo Valentin has tested ALL the different types of Hair Extensions available and he has traveled around  the globe for them. As a result of his success, He is the hair extensions authority that other hair extensions hair salons are trying to fake. We offer the best assortment of services in the trade. Our Hair Extensions Salon is very well known for its superb collection of products and superior reputation serving the NYC, NY, NJ, and CT area from his chic Salon in the heart of Madison Avenue, including our award winner Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island, NY. We are close to everyone.